NEW arivals: GotWay Monster V100, Kingsong KS18XL, GotWay Mten, Kingsong KS16X, GotWay MSP
NEW arivals: GotWay Monster V100, Kingsong KS18XL, GotWay Mten, Kingsong KS16X, GotWay MSP

Your Questions Answered

What is an EUC?

- Electric Unicycles are a relatively new mode of transportation. The electric motor built into the wheel hub is powered by rechargable batteries, and controlled by a smart board that uses an electronic gyroscope to balance the unit front to back.


Is it safe?

- Protective gear is highly recommended, especially for the first time users: helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, shin guards, and thick clothes. Max Speed is controllable through the app, and there are multiple safety features built-in, such as: speed warning beeps and pedal tilt-back.

That being said, myself and both my kids (9 and 11 years old) have been riding Electric Unicycles for a year: on sidewalks, city streets, in parks, and even on hiking trails. Not a single injury so far, but that is only due to high respect for the dangers involved.

How easy is it to learn to ride?
- At EUC.NYC we are huge enthusiasts of EUCs and had plenty of opportunity to teach our friends and customers to ride for the first time. Depending on your physical ability, and sense of balance it may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to start riding comfortably.

How do you control an Electric Unicycle?

- The controls are extremely natural. Lean forward to speed up and lean back to slow down and stop. Tilt the unit left and right to turn by shifting your balance.


All the fancy settings, such as warning beeps, tilt-back speed, riding mode, etc. are controlled with the GotWay smartphone app over bluetooth.


Can you do tricks on an EUC?
- Are you kidding me? Of course you can, and you will once you get a hang of it. Riding on one foot, jumping over an obstacle, sitting down, riding backwards, your abilities and imagination are the only limits!

Where do I download GotWay app for my smartphone?

At the manufacturer's website.

How do I prolong the life of the battery?

An excellent Battery University article.



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