NEW arivals: GotWay Monster V100, GotWay MCM5, GotWay Mten, Kingsong KS16S
NEW arivals: GotWay Monster V100, GotWay MCM5, GotWay Mten, Kingsong KS16S

Special: Rent for 5 day, and get the weekend rental free!!

Available Models

GotWay MCM4 - 67V, 680Wh

$45.00 Per Day

GotWay ACMV2 67V, 820Wh

$55.00 Per Day

GotWay Msuper V3 67V, 820Wh

65.00 Per Day

NoteEUC rental for experienced riders only and should not be used to learn how to ride an electric unicycle. Learning classes are also available upon request.

Pleae call or email to reserve your wheel today!

Special Offer!

Local NYC offer: same day in-person delivery in any of the five boroughs. 

Please call or email for details.

Contact Us:


Brooklyn, New York

Phone: (646) 88-EUC-99
            (646) 883-8299



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